Environmentally Responsible

We’re environmentally responsible and are doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and thus help save the planet.

afu-carbon-neutral-productAll Fired Up Fireworks and the Carbon Reduction Institute have measured the greenhouse gas footprint produced from all the operations of All Fired Up Fireworks including every fireworks display over its entire lifecycle. This includes the manufacture and freight of the fireworks, the direct carbon emissions from the explosion of fireworks, all staff transport; the decomposition of waste in landfill, as well as the embodied emissions from all products consumed, and the direct emissions from all the services, plant & equipment, labour and day to day running of our Company.

To compensate for the carbon footprint of All Fired Up Fireworks, the Carbon Reduction Institute implements a mixture of energy efficiency and solar energy projects. These projects reduce emissions by supplanting the need for fossil fueled electricity generation.

Our whole process has been closely monitored and audited as we believe that to say our business is environmentally conscious and is reducing its impact on the planet, while commendable, can simply be a marketing ploy. Without an audit process there is no way of knowing if our claim is genuine.

This entire process costs you nothing – allowing you to reap the benefits of us making this a healthier planet for all.

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