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Illegal Use Of Fireworks

Authorised public fireworks displays are fun events, but illegal use of fireworks isn’t funny. Illegal use of fireworks can be dangerous to you and to others and is a public nuisance. People who use fireworks carelessly or without knowing what they’re doing can be killed or maimed. They can also kill or maim others. FireworksREAD MORE >

August 23, 2015

How To Care For Your Pets During Fireworks Displays?

Dogs (and other animals) are terrified of fireworks. How can you enjoy your celebration while also being sensitive to your canine companions’ needs? Basic Preparation If your dog simply experiences a more run-of-the-mill variety of fireworks-related stress, rather than a full-blown diagnosable noise phobia, you can still take some steps to keep him or herREAD MORE >

August 20, 2015

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