Fireworks Company Based in Brisbane QLD

Our firework displays are renowned for providing jaw dropping entertainment and we pride ourselves on leaving your audience speechless.


World Class Fireworks

Our firework displays are renowned for providing jaw dropping entertainment and we pride ourselves on leaving audiences speechless. Our team use the latest and greatest fireworks and firing systems sourced from around the globe to ensure each show is something truly spectacular.


Tell A Story Through Fireworks

All Fired Up specialise in custom firework displays. Each show is carefully planned, and we work closely with clients to plan the ultimate show. Our displays are crafted to your vision – everything from the colour of fireworks down to the music soundtrack.


Firework Displays for all Budgets

We provide unforgettable sky displays for any event. Our team can work with your budget and can create breathtaking fireworks for large-scale events and festivals down to intimate events and weddings. Request a quote online to find out what we can offer you.

Planning a Fireworks Display

Planning a Fireworks Show is Easy with All Fired Up Fireworks



Our team establish the overall theme and vision for your firework display. Everything from colours and types of fireworks, to musical soundtrack, running time and more.



Once a show strategy is finalised, we carefully select a range of your favourite music and craft a musical soundtrack that will compliment your fireworks display.



Our show designers craft the visual aspects of your firework display and time everything to match your custom soundtrack. We can offer you a video mock-up for review and feedback.



On the day of the event you can sit back and relax as All Fired Up prepares your firework display. Our team work to your schedule and clean up the site after the show.

Fireworks Tailored To Your Style

Our expert team work closely with you to design and craft a show that is 100% tailored to your style.

With a wide range of fireworks to choose from, All Fired Up carefully plan with you the type of firework effects and colours that you want to include in your display. We use the best electronic firing systems in world with every display.

Community events & festivals often include fireworks that are choreographed to your soundtrack to add the extra wow factor. Community events and even corporate events are eligible to start each firework display with a countdown and plunge box to get everyone involved. All Fired Up can also provide lance work to create firework signage which is a popular choice for weddings.

Our specially trained pyrotechnicians have travelled and performed extensively throughout Australia and around the world to provide impressive, value for money firework displays.

Explosive Events To Remember

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX has had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s most exciting sporting events.

Fireworks are the perfect entertainment solution for the whole family and with a custom firework display; your event will be one to remember.

We carefully plan each sky display to your running schedule. Whether you’re looking to include fireworks and effects during a sporting event, corporate event, concert, town event, festival, life celebration or even wedding; our team can make your vision a reality.

All Fired Up only require 10 days to fully organise your show, or 42 days if an aquatic permit for waterways is required. We also organise all legal permits & notifications and ensure that all the obligations are met.

Indoor & Close Proximity

All Fired Up also specialise in close proximity and indoor fireworks.

A popular choice for concerts and corporate events, close proximity and indoor firework displays require knowledge and expertise to plan and execute safely.

With over 20 years of experience in designing world-class displays, our pyrotechnicians can help make your vision a reality.

While safety is a priority for All Fired Up, we also care about the environment and our indoor fireworks are smokeless and produce amazing displays without the leftover debris.

Popular choices for indoor fireworks include fountains, mines & comets and our team will work with you to help design the ultimate show for your budget.

Pyrotechnic Effects


Aerial Shell

Aerial shells are the biggest and highest effects used in fireworks displays, they can range in size starting at 2 inch in diametre all the way up to 12 inches in diameter. The shells are fired from a mortar tube on the ground and when fired up into the air break into a variety of cool and exciting effects.



Mines fire a series of small comets up into the air in a ‘shotgun’ like fashion. They come in a wide variety of colours and can fire 50-250 feet into the air.



Multishots are what make up the majority of most fireworks displays, they are a series of fireworks fused together to fire in sequence, ranging from as small as 9 shots all the way up to as much as 600 shots.


Flash Pots

Flash pots create a bang, flash and a small cloud of smoke.



Waterfalls send a shower of sparks all the way down to the ground, usually done in gold and silver, this effect looks amazing above water or even in a small scale wedding setting.



Plates are usually used during the finale of a fireworks display and contain a small number of shots that are shot up in a fanned arrangement.



Comets fire a single glowing star into the sky with no burst. Comets come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and tail configurations.



Fountains fire a stream of sparks and stars between 2 and 10 meters into the air, fountains usually come in gold and silver.


AFU Custom Made Lancework is Fireworks

AFU Custom Made Lancework is Fireworks that can spell out names and messages. We custom build your message and apply individual lances to form letters. We can also design and build logo’s and symbols. Lancework once lit lasts about 60 seconds. Lancework is used to promote businesses, sponsorships, birthdays and especially weddings.


AFU Custom Made TNT Plunger Box

AFU Custom Made TNT Plunger Box is a favourite for many festivals and school fete’s who run competitions or raffles to allow a lucky person to start the fireworks. Kids especially are thrilled with pressing the lever to fire the first shot of the fireworks display.


AFU Custom Made Backpacks

AFU Custom Made Backpacks are designed and manufactured to fire proximity fireworks from the back of performers. These have been used for Jet Pack events at SeaWorld Carnivale.


AFU Custom Made Racks

AFU Custom Made Racks are specially designed and attached to moving platforms. We can custom build equipment to be applied to many moving items such as start cars at the speedway, Motorbikes for freestyle motor cross, Roving Performers, Jet Pack Fly Boarders with spinning wheels and Jet Skis.


AFU is a family business for over 20 years who love bringing the excitement of fireworks to all types of events. All firework companies have very similar products, but AFU offer AWESOME service, they are honest and reliable, fantastic value for money, you will not be disappointed as AFU WANT to give you the BEST display possible. All Fired Up Fireworks holds all legal certificates and licences, complies with workplace OHS and has $20 million public liability insurance. AFU has a 100% safety record, and our AFU crew is professional and love what we do.

Throughout our extensive history, we have provided world class firework displays in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Noosa, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Byron Bay, Lismore, as far south at Sydney and as far north as Cairns.

For each display, no matter the size, many variables go into every fireworks display. Product, consumables, insurances, labour time in programming, set up and dismantling, paperwork, equipment, transport to and from holding facility and venue.

Each display is different depending on the date, location, and site visit. However, to give you an idea our minimum outdoor aerial fireworks display is approximately $2000.00,  please contact us for a quote on your exact requirements.

It really depends on your budget and what you want to achieve, the longer the fireworks = a larger budget or slower the effects are fired. For our minimum outdoor display, we suggest 4-5 minutes for an action-packed firework display that you will be amazed with.

Displays require a minimum of 35m radius from all spectators and occupied buildings. Optimal distance is 55m radius which caters for larger range of products. We can also provide Close Proximity Fireworks ranging from as close as 5m.

These effects are specially manufactured and designed to use close to performers and spectators. Close Proximity pyrotechnics can be used indoors or outdoors when there is limited space.

Quiet fireworks are low noise fireworks that you still see the bright colours without all the additional noise.

No, you need to be licensed.

All our displays are waterproofed before leaving the workshop, rain will not affect the display.

When you book with AFU we take care of everything, fireworks permit, Aquatic permit, CASA permit, permits for custom pyrotechnics, notification letters to the local residents, notifications to fire brigade and police departments, so all you need to do is enjoy the show!

Once booked we send you copies of our licences, work cover insurance and public liability insurance for $20,000,000.00

Fireworks displays on land require approval from the landowner or agent from where the fireworks are being held. Also, we organise a fireworks permit, CASA permit (if required) and notifications to Fire Brigade, Police Department and neighbours of the firing site.

A Fireworks display on water requires additional items such as barge hire, tender vessel, aquatic permit (min 30 days notice) and hire of water police.

YES! All Fired Up Fireworks organises all permits, and specially designed Rooftop displays for your event or celebration.

Yes, Funerals are a very sad time in our lives, however many people choose to get together to celebrate the life of someone special. Our AFU experienced pyrotechnicians can incorporate ashes into a single firework shell or multiple effects. This can be incorporated within a display for you to have your loved one or pet in their special place.

In Queensland displays should be held before 9pm on weekdays and before 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Fireworks are the best form of entertainment that attracts and keeps crowds at your event. Fireworks are great for special birthdays, private parties, grand openings, community events, school fetes, carnivals, weddings and anything that you want to celebrate the best way possible.