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Flames to Fire Up Every Occasion

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX can heat up your event with our extensive range of flames.

Guaranteed to suit any occasion, our flames can not only be customised to make a big impact but are safe to use in proximity of performers and your guests. All AFU flame effects are AGA approved.

Flames are a great way to add the extra wow factor to your event and are guaranteed to get the audience’s attention.

We specialise in providing the best value for money special effects in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and have packages for all budgets.

Talk to an expert pyrotechnician today about how we can fire up your next event.

Flame Hire Products


AFU Large Flame Units

AFU Large Flame Units is like no other. All flames create heat and drama but these are exceptional units that will have you audience screaming with the thundering “airplane jet fueled sound” These flames are unique as the have an extra effect with the percussion of the flame lighting as well as the heat and the light. Require 240v and operated via DMX Wireless or manual firing. Uses LPG gas.



G-Flames can be used in all settings inside and outside. G-Flames are popular at sporting venues, community events, school fetes, corporate events, poolside venues, music festivals. Flame height is adjustable from 2-7m. No power required all units have 12v internal power. Also these are wireless operated or DMX controlled. Uses Liquid LPG Gas Cylinders or Cans.


5-Way Sunshine Flames

5-Way Sunshine Flames are a super impressive flame that can be programmed to fire multiple sequences. The 5 Way Flame uses a liquid-based fluid which is also available in Red, Green, Blue to add a different Colour flame effect. They are a favorite at sporting venues, community events, school fetes, corporate events, poolside venues, music festivals and guarantee to instantly draw attention from onlookers. requires 240v power and is dmx operated and needs nitrogen to pressurize the fluid. Uses LPG cans for Pilot light.


180 Flame

180 Flame is a new flame effect which fires multiple settings in 180 degrees. This flame shoots 15m into the sky and uses a liquid-based fluid. Perfect for events with space and wants to pack a punch. Requires 240v power and is DMX operated, these units work on an internal pump system to pressurize the fluid.


Eternal Flames

Eternal Flames are flame units with the flame continually burning. Eternal Flames are great for events to add a soft flame feature with no noise, a little bit like a fire pit you can place anywhere. Very professional to enhance your home party, wedding, pool area, corporate events, stage events. Requires 240v power outlet and the units run on 24v. These units have a pilot and flame sensor and are fully automatic to run. Using LPG Gas.


Flame Bars

The Flame bars flame is continually burning to add the effect of a fire. These bars can be placed in small areas, so the item appears to be on fire. Great for fireplaces, promoting products, TV commercials. Requires 240v power outlet and the units run on 24v. These units have a pilot and flame sensor and are fully automatic to run. Uses LPG Gas.


Material Flames

Material Flames are a powered machine with a flame like effect with multicolored LED light on red or white fabric. This is a great effect to enhance any stage or room when you cannot have a live flame. Require 240 v and manually operated.

Tiki Torches

Fully Automated tiki torches full stainless steel and 24vac operated. These are great for outdoor events or highlighting pathways entrances ect. Requires 240v outlet. LPG Gas.


Water Flames

AFU designed water flames are a flame that burns on top of the water. Great for features. These flames are adjustable and run on 24v AC & LPG GAs


Fire Features / Bowls

Fully Automated fire features great for entertainment area. Runs on 24v AC. Uses LPG Gas.


Custom Made Flames

At All Fired Up we source and build custom made flames & Effects. Flames in Movieworld trucks, SeaWorld Stunt Show, Movieworld Fright Nights, TV commercials, theatre shows. We can design the perfect flame effect for your event. Contact us today and we will help your dreams come alive

Flames Guaranteed To Impress

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX have a vast range of LPG flame projectors and effects. With every event being unique, we can manufacture design and approve a flame effect to suit your needs. We have large and small options to choose from so no matter the size of your venue or budget; there is always a great option available.

Flame effects can be mounted on truss or poles and other custom-made brackets to suit your application. Also, AFU has gas cylinder shrouds and many different options for our flames. Flame Effects safety distances will depend on the position of each flame location. Flame heights and widths are also adjustable depending on the venue and installation.

Expert Team At Your Service

Our licensed pyrotechnicians and Type B gas authorisation provide a complete solution to each event. All equipment used in our displays has been tested and designed to meet the Australian Standards for outdoor pyrotechnic displays and the QLD Code of Practice together with the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate.

When planning your event, our team consult the best options for you and establish a general schedule / running sheet for your event.

On the day of the event, we bump-in (setup) and manage the general running of each flame effect to make sure everything runs smoothly.

When it is time to bump-out (pack-up) our team work quickly and efficiently and clean up any mess to ensure you have a hassle-free experience. We understand running events can be stressful, All Fired Up do our best to make sure we make your day a little easier.

With over 20+ years providing fireworks and stage effects in Australia, our team have the knowledge and expertise to make your vision a reality. Contact us online for a free quote or give our Brisbane office a call on 07 3381 0788.

Flame Hire FAQs

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX has over 20 years experience in firework and stage effects, with Flames being our speciality. AFU designed and custom made our impressive AFU Large flames which no one else can offer you, AFU also has a large selection of LPG and Isopropanol Flames. Our chief pyrotechnician is the best in the business and has a licenced type B Gas authorisation. All Fired Up Flames are serviced before and after use for quality and safety purposes.

YES! We have the largest range of approved flame effects in Queensland. All our flames are hired with an operator which will setup and fire your event.

All flame effects are hired with an operator therefore we would need to know your date of the event, when we can bump in and out, firing times, and what type of flame effect you require. Flame unit Prices start from as little as $200.00.

Please contact us today admin@allfiredup.com.au or call 07 338 10788.

Majority of our flames use LPG, and the 5-WAY Flame and 180 Flame uses Isopropano.

At AFU we service our all of flames before and after each hire to ensure safety and quality of products.

Depending on the flame unit hired you require minimum safety area of 1m.

When hiring flames for your event, All Fired Up includes a pyrotechnican to operate the flames for you. Our crew set up, operate and pack up all equipment so you can focus on having fun.

Most certainly. All Fired Up has a wide range of flames which are perfect for concerts and festivals. Our team has worked with a number of national and international acts including Pink, Katy Perry, ACDC, KISS and many more.

All Fired Up offer flame hire for any occasion, including Weddings. For more information on wedding packages, please click here.

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