Add Fog or Smoke To Your Event

Hire Low Fog Machines, LED Fog Jets, Smoke Emitters and Dry Ice Machines.

Add The Extra Wow Factor!

If you are looking to add an extra wow factor to your event, All Fired Up stock a range of fog and smoke machines which are perfect to use for almost any occasion.

Our Fog Machines and Smoke Machines are a popular choice for weddings, concerts, nightclubs, theme parks, live theatres, birthday parties, corporate events,TV productions and commercials. Each machine is affordable to hire and can easily integrate with your event setup.

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Our Products


Low Fog Machines

Low Fog Machines create a low-lying fog which dissipates slowly, no dry ice needed. Low fog can make you appear as if you are floating across the dance floor, perfect for the first dance at your wedding, or to create a misty atmosphere for your event. They are often used in nightclubs, many entertainment venues, theme parks, stage events and Fright nights.


LED Fog Jets

LED Fog Jets are a vertical fog machine which blasts a stream of safe water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high powered LED’s. Place on the ground or hung in a mix of colours Red, Green, and Blue LED’s light up to 6-8 metres. LED Fog Jets are a great way to brighten up any event and add a bit of theatre to all functions and stages, as well as home parties.


Smoke Emitters

Smoke Emitters are excellent to start or finish an event or to let everyone what gender your baby will be. They look great in photo’s and are also used for many stage effects. Smoke Emitters come in Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange in a variety of burn times, these items do burn hot but are classified as NON-dangerous.


Dry Ice Machines

Dry Ice Machines create a low-lying fog across stages or dance floors The Dry ice machine is dry ice mixed with hot water. It creates a very thick cloud-like effect that is not harmful in any way, shape or form. If you want something that will not only last longer on the floor, but also wow your guests; then the dry ice machine hire is the way to go.


Air Dancers

Air Dancers are an innovative and eye-catching way to make your event or business stand out. The inflatable non-stop action will capture anyone’s attention. These are very simple to use, all you need is 240v power and turn on. Many festivals use air dancers to not only draw attention but to add to the atmosphere to the carnival.


All Fired Up Fireworks is a family business operating over 20 years who loves bringing the excitement of special effects to many events.

AFU know all event companies have very similar products, so what they offer is AWESOME service, AFU crew are honest and reliable, fantastic value for money, you will not be disappointed as AFU want to give you the BEST effects possible. All Fired Up has a 100% safety record, and our AFU crew is professional and love what they do.

This will depend on the venue and area were the machines are set up.

These machines work great in a calm controlled environment so wind can drastically hinder the way these machines work.

Low fog Machine do not leave any residue as it uses Heavy fog fluid and water ionisation.

Dry ice will leave some water around the outlet pipe.

Dry ice machines do not leave any haze in the room.

Low fog machines leave a very slight haze but is not noticeable.

Air movement from air-conditioning can affect the flow of the low-lying fog.

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Extremely easy, all you need to do is plug into power and turn on.

Every location is different, but you want maximum attention in a safe and open area viewable to people passing in both directions. Avoid getting close to any roads, pedestrian areas or any objects that would encounter the moving air dancer. Safety is important to plan in case of high winds that there is plenty of space for the product not to touch anything around it.