Hit 105 Brisbane House Give Away

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX were excited to add the heat to the announcement of the HIT 105 Massive House and land Give Away.

Hundreds of people had a chance to win the amazing Villa World House and land package.   Because there were one only 5 keys to unlock the door, you had to be called out for a chance.  As a result it was a nervous wait as each person that tried to unlock the door.  But it was lucky key number 4!  Riqui and her boyfriend  opened the door to their dreams.

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX provided the heat with AFU Flames, CO2 jets and Streamers as the lucky key unlocked the door.  Congratulations to Riqui , HIT 105 and Villa World for a fabulous prize.

YouTube video


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