Safety is a Priority at All Fire Up.

The safety of spectators, our crew, animals, buildings and vehicles are all our responsibility.

  • All equipment used in our displays has been tested and designed to meet the Australian Standards for outdoor pyrotechnic displays and the Qld Code of Practice.
  • The Department of Natural Resources and Mines is the regulating body in Queensland, and we adhere to their specifications regarding separation distances between crowds and buildings etc. and where possible we double these distances to increase the safety margin.
  • Our crew have certificates in firefighting, and fire extinguishers accompany each display. All staff wear AFU safety uniforms to all events.
  • Crowd control is managed with barriers to restrict entry to the firing zone and signage is used to notify spectators where the firing site is and what time firing will take place.  We keep the firing area secure until there is no risk involved.
  • On-site all relevant items are contained in wooden boxes to increase safety and where possible we fire from an approved firing trailer.
  • All of our displays are programmed and fired electronically; additionally, all crew members have two-way radios to ensure clear and concise communication to increase safety.
  • AFU checks and cleans site after firing and most times will visit the site next morning to make sure of cleanup and area was left as we found it.
  • All firework content transports with strict accordance with the AEC., in a fully licensed and approved trailer for the transportation of explosives.
  • All Fired Up Fireworks stores fireworks at the government storage magazine at Helidon.