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Special Effects That Impress

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX provide a range of professional grade special effects to help take your event’s production to the next level.

We strive to bring you the WOW factor and for the past 20 years, our expert team has delivered some breathtaking shows.

From indoor pyrotechnics and sparkulars, to CO2 jets, streamers and confetti launchers; All Fired Up have a large variety of special effects to add excitement to your event. We can also provide world class firework displays, flame shows and lighting truss for hire.

All Fired Up have worked with some of the biggest names in showbiz and love to create unique production tailored to suit your specific needs.

Our state of the art equipment, award winning team and value for money makes All Fired Up the perfect choice for your next event.


Search Lights, Confetti, Streamers, Sparkulars + More!

All Fired Up stock a range of special effects that add value to your event without breaking the bank.

Our confetti swirl / confetti ufo’s are a popular choice for indoor events like weddings and corporate events and our expert team can setup quickly.

Our Air Streamers / Confetti Launchers, and LED confetti launchers are an excellent addition for corporate events and concerts, as each shot can blast confetti up to 6 meters and streamers up to 20 meters.

Some of our most popular effects include

  • Search Lights: WHITE 1000w – 5000w Adjustable Automatic controlled
  • Search Lights: COLOUR RGB – 1000w – 4000w DMX controlled
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Confetti Swirl / Confetti UFO
  • Power Shot Streamers
  • Confetti Launchers
  • LED Confetti Launchers
  • Plunger Box – A lucky person can start your event
  • Low Fog
  • LED Smoke Jets
  • Bubble Machines
  • Air Dancers

All Fired Up also stock t-shirt launches which are often seen at corporate events and promotional tours.

CO2 Jets, CO2 Guns & Cryo Effects

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX specialise in completely tailored CO2 experiences and our vast range of CO2 products allow us to make your event one to remember.

From large scale concerts and festivals, to corporate events and weddings; CO2 is a special effect that instantly grabs the audience’s attention and takes things up a notch.

Our signature CO2 Cryo Jets blasts CO2 up to 6 meters into the air and can even be synchronised to your running schedule by our expert team.

CO2 Cryo Swing Jets can blast CO2 6 metres into the air and swing from left to right and is often seen in product launches and arena concerts.

All Fired Up also stock CO2 Cyro LED Jets, which add colour to your CO2 blasts, while our CO2 Cryo Guns produce a 6 meter plume of CO2 and are ideal for DJs, Nightclubs and Corporate events.

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