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Light Up The Sky With All Fired Up

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX specialise in world class fireworks.

Our firework displays are renowned for providing jaw dropping entertainment and we pride ourselves on leaving your audience speechless.

Looking to add the ‘wow’ factor for a corporate event? Perhaps you need help adding the explosive touch to a concert or are ready to light up the sky at a community event or festival; we can give you what you’re looking for.

Whether its from the roof of a stadium, from the edge of a bridge or out on a floating barge, each firework display features the very best in production design and the highest quality fireworks available in Australia.

We strive to use our artistic creativity to make every firework display unique, spectacular and mesmerising. Talk to one of our experts today or request a free online quote.

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Fireworks Tailored To Your Style

When planning each firework display, our expert team work closely with you to design and craft a show that will be 100% tailored to your style.

With a wide range of fireworks to choose from, All Fired Up carefully plan with you the style of shells and colours that you want to include in your show and each show if fired using the worlds #1 firing system FireOne TM.

Community events & festivals often include fireworks that are choreographed to your soundtrack to add the extra wow factor. Community events, weddings and even corporate events are eligible to start each firework display with a countdown and plunge box to get everyone involved. All Fired Up can also provide lance work to create firework signage which is a popular choice for weddings.

Our specially trained pyrotechnicians have traveled and performed extensively throughout Australia and around the world to provide impressive, value for money firework displays.


Explosive Events To Remember

All Fired Up Fireworks & Stage FX has had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s most exciting sporting events.

Fireworks and sport are the perfect combination of entertainment for the whole family and with a custom firework display; your event will be one to remember.

We carefully plan each sky display to your running schedule. Whether you’re looking to include fireworks and effects during the sporting event, or finish things off with a grande finale; our team can make your vision a reality.

All Fired Up only require 10 days to fully organise your show, or 42 days if an aquatic permit for waterways is required. We also organise all legal permits & notifications and ensure that all your obligations are met.

Contact us today and let’s discuss what ideas you have for your next event. Contact us via phone on 07 3381 0788 or request a free quote online today.


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